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So, it first started with my first mac lipstick ever. Insane? I know, I just didn't care to even try it, until one day...I did and I went back for more.

I am Obsessed with brushes. I have been buying and trying out different brands and I always wanted to get mac but because of the price, it always stopped me from actually purchasing it. After trying numerous brands and such, I just said Screw it, I'm just going to invest in getting myself Mac brushes, Rather then me spending more money on more brushes I don't end up liking. So, I mainly Needed Eye brushes and that's what I got. I love eyeshadow, always have. First makeup I ever put on my face was EYESHADOW. This was the highlight of the month. I would say year, but My son being born Aug's beats anything :P. Anyways, so glad I purchased these. OMG! should of just purchased these to begin with.!!!

- Mac 224
- Mac 217
- Mac 213

I'd like to get one more, eyeliner brush. Just because I do wear eyeliner everyday. I do love my sigmas E65 but I do want to try that one as well. 

Satin Faux ( my first mac lipstick ) 
Viva glam Nicki Also A Satin. 

 Viva glam nicki is such a bright pink, I think this will look amazing in any skin tone.When this first came out I just had to grab this color. My sister was so confused why I got this color because she thought it would be so bright, until I put it on and she was like "oh it looks really good" I mean this lipstick is build-able in a sense where I just dab it on my lips. 

Faux stood out to me the moment I seen it and I tried it and said right away, I'm taking this. Its a perfect nude pink and perfect for everyday wear. Yes, this is my first Mac lipstick and it certainly won't be my last. 

 I am loving Faux

 I actually didn't get these from a mac store. This lady selling them at chinatown had mac stuff and I just got these for 5 or was it 10 each. Yea very cheap. I think these are old colors because I don't think mac has these anymore.= ) This is HUNTER and Femmi fi 

 Hunter is a blueish purple color. I got this because I want to try out a smokey eye using blue. Femmi fi I mainly got for my highlight. 

 VIVA GLAM GAGA Lip gloss. 

 This lip gloss I also got from the same place as the 2 eyeshadow and this was $10.00  

 Marcelle lux Cream Eyeshadow + liner in purple and blue. Sorry it doesn't say the actual color thing on this. 

 I mainly got these for a eyeshadow base because I can't seem to find nyx jumbo pencils and I refuse to buy them online.If anyone knows, please let me know! 

You can also use this as a eyeliner as well. 

Also comes with a eraser. you know, just in-case you make a mistake. I tried this out and this is pretty cool. Only thing was, this was a bit expensive..I bought these for $12.00 each. Again, I need to find those nyx jumbo pencils. =(

These were on sale for $5. 

I got....



I get sick of nail polish colors fast, so I decided to get a simple toned down color. 

RIMMEL LONDON Lip gloss in 110 keep a secret. 
I don't know why I'm hand modeling with my chipped nails. Sorry, it did last for a week though. ( plums the world ) 

Nice pink gloss. I never tried this and I mainly got it because it was on sale. Yes, I have a problem. Every time I see something go on sale..I think I "have to" get it -_- You never know though. It might be worth it. 

Laura mercier foundation primer -oil free.
I was using the loreal paris magic lumi primer and I think that's whats been breaking me out. So I got this one to try out. Hopefully this works for me. 

Thanks to those who take the time to read my post. = ) comment or follow if you like. Thanksssss  a lot.xox


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