Thursday, 26 July 2012


Hi loves, Its been awhile, I feel like its been so LONG since I been on here and I miss it dearly. I just been trying to enjoy my summer with my family. I will be going back to work soon, so I need to really take the time to enjoy these  moments that I have. Esp with my son who is going to be 1 soon. SIGH* time flies. ANYWAYS, As you can see what the title says, I wanted to share my MUST have summer essentials.

These are ALL my summer MUST HAVES.

  Ultra sheer Body Mist Sunscreen SPF30 By Neutrogena 
Ultra Sheer Dry Touch Sunscreen SPF 55
Cetaphil Daily facial Moisturizer 


AS you can see I made sure I have SPF, especially if your dealing with the sun. I love Neutrogena Dry touch sunscreen because it leaves a non greasy feeling and the best thing is it doesn't irritate my skin esp on my face. It says it's Dermatologist recommended and OIL FREE. You always want to make sure you have SPF to prevent wrinkles and  JUST TO PROTECT Your face from any damage the sun can do. For my daily Moisturizer I use cetaphil. This is great because it has spf 15. A tip with moisturizers is; if your using a moisturizer with any kind of spf, try to only use it during the day when there is sun. You don't want to be using it when you sleep, it is actually bad for your face. So try to use a separate moisturizer. You need at least spf 15 to protect you. 


LETS be real now, There is nothing worse, when your in public and the person next to you smells like B.O! For summer this is very essential. LETS try to smell nice and fresh and not all sweaty and stinky. LOL a rollerball is perfect to take with you on the go, making it easy to take with you on your adventures in summer. =) 

 All Nighter Spray By Urban Decay 
Mineralize Skinfinish Natural/ MED PLUS 
L'oreal Paris True match concealer
F45 Buffer/SIGMA


When summer comes around I always want light makeup. I cut out foundation a long time ago. With this, It takes 10 mins and I'm out the door. This concealer is so light and has med coverage. After putting my concealer, I take my buffer and put on my skinfinish by mac. Spray my all nighter spray, so my makeup last and the whole day and I'm not worrying to much on touch ups.

 Clean and clear Oil absorbing sheets
Carmex Lip ointment  

Can't live without

I get really oily in the summer and Of course you need oil absorbing sheets. You also don't want chap lips and out of all the lip balms, Carmex works amazing. It keeps my lips moisturized the whole day. LOVE LOVE LOVE!

Wet and Wild megalast nail polish/ I need a Refresh-Mint
Mac Lipstick/ Vegas Volt 


MY hands and feet always have to be painted for summer. WHY, because I'm wearing sadlals and I'm socializing. This wet and wild color; is the prettiest mint color. Looks more amazing on the feet and its super affordable. LOVE wet and wild!!! Of course when I have a simple eye look, with just my eyeliner. I like that pop of Bright color on my lips. I been loving Vegas Volt. I just dab a bit of this color and my whole face changes.


Those are my summer must haves. Hope you are ALL having a amazing SUMMER with great adventures and love. Thanks for reading and I'll see you guys later. xoxox

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Nails of the day. 

 Revlon #230 POPULAR

I think this nail polish is really cool because the color and sparkle are mixed in with each other. I don't have to use two separate nail polishes to get the nail look I want. Also its super easy to take off. I know some nail polishes with sparkle are extremely hard to take off! The color is a light pink color with some grey sparkles. I got many compliments on this nail polish. I got it on sale for 4 dollars and I love it, I always loved Revlon nail polishes since I was in high school. 

annnnnd guess who got braces. LOL oh geez. thought I share that with you guys.



Saturday, 14 July 2012

My Jewelmint collective haul 
Hi my Loves, This post I been wanting to do for a while but just never gotten around to it. These are my May, June and July picks. I have Five pieces to show you guys but that's only because 2 of them were pieces I really wanted but were SOLD OUT and CAME BACK AGAIN! So, If your not familiar with jewelmint , its a subscription website where you pay 30 a month and you get to choose one piece every month. You can get more then one but it will cost you another 30 dollars. Now I'm from Canada so its a extra 10 for me. So, I'm actually paying 40 a month. You can also of course skip a month if you don't like any of their jewelry for that month. =) has to be within the first 5 days of the month. Now I love jewelmint. I think their great or else I wouldn't be subscribed. I know a lot of people don't like it but its your own opinion, okay so enjoy and thank you for following. 

 Royal Ascot Ring 

 Arabian Nights 

 zuni Bracelet 

 Barefoot Anklet 

 Month of JULY =)
Urban Safari Nacklace


Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Collective HAUL*
(Shoes and Shorts Cray) 

Hey loves, I'm throwing the PART 2 of my collective haul. I went shorts and shoe crazy just because of the prices. Hope you enjoy. follow and comment. thanks love. 

  Sirens/ 30$ 

 Shoes by Fergie 

 Le chateau/ 80.00$ to 31.00$



HnM/ Black and badge 

 Urban outfitters Sale/40each

comment and follow. Thanks loves. seee ya laterrrr!