Tuesday, 28 February 2012


Forever 21 - Sweater with lace on top. 
Garage- Black Leggings 
Payless- Grey boots. 
Pearls ( gift ) 
Aldo- Plum ring 
Aldo- White flower earrings  

Just for FUN, lets do a ootd with my son. =) hes so effing cute! 

 HAT is from HnM 
Sweater is from Old navy. 
= )

I love looking at pictures of where people are from. So I thought maybe you enjoy some pictures of where I'm from...Can you guess where? anyways here is a few pictures I took. 

Condo city and streetcars 


 My sons lil feet. 


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Friday, 24 February 2012



So, it first started with my first mac lipstick ever. Insane? I know, I just didn't care to even try it, until one day...I did and I went back for more.

I am Obsessed with brushes. I have been buying and trying out different brands and I always wanted to get mac but because of the price, it always stopped me from actually purchasing it. After trying numerous brands and such, I just said Screw it, I'm just going to invest in getting myself Mac brushes, Rather then me spending more money on more brushes I don't end up liking. So, I mainly Needed Eye brushes and that's what I got. I love eyeshadow, always have. First makeup I ever put on my face was EYESHADOW. This was the highlight of the month. I would say year, but My son being born Aug's beats anything :P. Anyways, so glad I purchased these. OMG! should of just purchased these to begin with.!!!

- Mac 224
- Mac 217
- Mac 213

I'd like to get one more, eyeliner brush. Just because I do wear eyeliner everyday. I do love my sigmas E65 but I do want to try that one as well. 

Satin Faux ( my first mac lipstick ) 
Viva glam Nicki Also A Satin. 

 Viva glam nicki is such a bright pink, I think this will look amazing in any skin tone.When this first came out I just had to grab this color. My sister was so confused why I got this color because she thought it would be so bright, until I put it on and she was like "oh it looks really good" I mean this lipstick is build-able in a sense where I just dab it on my lips. 

Faux stood out to me the moment I seen it and I tried it and said right away, I'm taking this. Its a perfect nude pink and perfect for everyday wear. Yes, this is my first Mac lipstick and it certainly won't be my last. 

 I am loving Faux

 I actually didn't get these from a mac store. This lady selling them at chinatown had mac stuff and I just got these for 5 or was it 10 each. Yea very cheap. I think these are old colors because I don't think mac has these anymore.= ) This is HUNTER and Femmi fi 

 Hunter is a blueish purple color. I got this because I want to try out a smokey eye using blue. Femmi fi I mainly got for my highlight. 

 VIVA GLAM GAGA Lip gloss. 

 This lip gloss I also got from the same place as the 2 eyeshadow and this was $10.00  

 Marcelle lux Cream Eyeshadow + liner in purple and blue. Sorry it doesn't say the actual color thing on this. 

 I mainly got these for a eyeshadow base because I can't seem to find nyx jumbo pencils and I refuse to buy them online.If anyone knows, please let me know! 

You can also use this as a eyeliner as well. 

Also comes with a eraser. you know, just in-case you make a mistake. I tried this out and this is pretty cool. Only thing was, this was a bit expensive..I bought these for $12.00 each. Again, I need to find those nyx jumbo pencils. =(

These were on sale for $5. 

I got....



I get sick of nail polish colors fast, so I decided to get a simple toned down color. 

RIMMEL LONDON Lip gloss in 110 keep a secret. 
I don't know why I'm hand modeling with my chipped nails. Sorry, it did last for a week though. ( plums the world ) 

Nice pink gloss. I never tried this and I mainly got it because it was on sale. Yes, I have a problem. Every time I see something go on sale..I think I "have to" get it -_- You never know though. It might be worth it. 

Laura mercier foundation primer -oil free.
I was using the loreal paris magic lumi primer and I think that's whats been breaking me out. So I got this one to try out. Hopefully this works for me. 

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Raptors VS Pistons 

Mini Fire works SHOW. I didn't catch The actual fireworks on Camera. 

Raptors Flag! 

 Toronto Dancers 

My $5.25 Water BOTTLE!  ridiculous. I had to throw my own water bottle before I got in, just to buy another one. lame!!! 


POUTINE ( gravy, fries and cheese )

NACHOS. Our snack.

A SUB $10.50? Over priced menu. 

 We won. Free pizza for us. YAY!


Thursday, 16 February 2012

This is made up of Black sugar scrub and powdered charcoal used to gently exfoliate and cleanse away excess oils. Other ingredients are added such as  rhassoul mud and vitamin-rich cold pressed organic avocado oil to soften, moisturize and nourish skin, as well as sandalwood. Target: oily skin 

HOW TO USE: You wet your face with warm water and you take a chunk of product. Place in hand and wet with water. massage all over face as if you are exfoliating. = )  I make it into a mask and leave for 5-10 minutes. 

My thoughts: What I really like about this product is, when you apply this on your face, you instantly feel it working. Its like your face can breath. You really feel it working. I use this twice a week and it really helps with my oily skin. The only thing I would have to say that I don't like about this is, its such a mess. Your sink will be filled with product and you have to really take your time washing it off your face. Other then that, I do see results on how my face looks after using this.  


This is made up of spearmint, fresh mint and peppermint oils.  WHAT also Smells like MINT CHOCOLATE! 
It helps Calm down breakouts and refreshes the skin. Keep fresh by leaving it in the fridge. = ) 

How to apply: Cleanse your face and Pat dry. take products and smooth it all over your face and make a mask. Avoid your eyes.   Leave for 5-10 minutes  

My thoughts: LET ME FIRST OF SAY HANDS DOWN I'M IN LOVE!  After I put my son to sleep and I relax by putting this on and this feels amazing! It smells so good its hard not to eat lol. I broke out and it helped calm down my pimples and left my skin so smooth. The cooling and mint makes your skin feel fresh and nice. I have no complaints about this! YOU have to go to your nearest lush store and get this mask. 



Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Favorite Face Brushes

These are my most used face brushes and Most of these I would recommend. I been using these brushes for some time now, I would say more the 3 months. The best thing about it is 3 out of 4 are really affordable. =) 

Top: This is the ELF POWDER BRUSH. I adore this brush, I use this to apply my mineral powder. Its supper soft, it feels amazing on the face. Never shed once and the best part was this was only $4!!!! I bought a back up of this just in case. 
Second: This brush is the SEPHORA PROFESSIONAL STIPPLING BRUSH.  I use this to apply my liquid foundation and tinted moisturizer. Now, this is the most expensive brush out of the bunch. I wouldn't recommend this brush only because it was $45. When I got this, it was shedding like crazy and even after washing it, it still shed. After the 3rd wash, it stopped.  I wanted to get the MAC 187 brush but ended up getting this one instead.  I do like everything about this brush except the fact that it did shed so much and I don't think it was worth the price.

Third: this Brush is the SIGMA FLAT KABUKI F80. Most Youtube Gurus own this brush and I had to get it and try it out. This is one of my favorite brushes of all freaking time! I have to say the application of this brush is amazing and the density of the brush is REALLY good. I use this to apply my moose foundation or my liquid as well. This brush is so versatile and could be used for different things. This brush was Only $18. After trying out Sigma, I have to admit their brushes are pretty amazing for what its worth. I really do recommend this brush, I mean you can't go wrong with this. Best thing is, they do ship internationally!  

Forth: THE SIGMA DUE FIBER POWDER/BLUSH F15. This brush reminds me of the 131 Mac brush I also wanted to try this out to apply my liquid foundation but I used this to apply my blush instead. This brush did not shed and it fits the apple of my cheeks so perfectly. Application is good and picks up enough product. Its not as dense as I like but again it is just for my blush. This brush was $18 or $19 = ) 

 Comes with 7 Brushes 
Pencil E30 
Tapered Blending E40
Eye shading E55
Small Angle E65
Large Powder F30
Large Angled Contour F40
Foundation F60

I used Everyone of these brushes and I honestly love these brushes. This case is amazing for travel. It protects your brushes and its so cute. The one brush I am super inlove with is the Small angle E65. This applies my eye liner so perfect! I am so impressed with this set, I'm saving to get the larger 12 set! = ) These brushes are amazing! 

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Saturday, 11 February 2012

Small Forever 21 Haul = ) 

 Cream bag

Top: Knit bow Headband - Color creamy pink 
Bottom Left: Polka Dot Rhinestone Headband 
Bottom Right: Studded bow hair clips 

  Cream off Shoulder sweater

Taupe Dress 
Yellow cuff chiffon blouse 

 Jade Knit top 

 Black Lace Knit top