Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Favorite Face Brushes

These are my most used face brushes and Most of these I would recommend. I been using these brushes for some time now, I would say more the 3 months. The best thing about it is 3 out of 4 are really affordable. =) 

Top: This is the ELF POWDER BRUSH. I adore this brush, I use this to apply my mineral powder. Its supper soft, it feels amazing on the face. Never shed once and the best part was this was only $4!!!! I bought a back up of this just in case. 
Second: This brush is the SEPHORA PROFESSIONAL STIPPLING BRUSH.  I use this to apply my liquid foundation and tinted moisturizer. Now, this is the most expensive brush out of the bunch. I wouldn't recommend this brush only because it was $45. When I got this, it was shedding like crazy and even after washing it, it still shed. After the 3rd wash, it stopped.  I wanted to get the MAC 187 brush but ended up getting this one instead.  I do like everything about this brush except the fact that it did shed so much and I don't think it was worth the price.

Third: this Brush is the SIGMA FLAT KABUKI F80. Most Youtube Gurus own this brush and I had to get it and try it out. This is one of my favorite brushes of all freaking time! I have to say the application of this brush is amazing and the density of the brush is REALLY good. I use this to apply my moose foundation or my liquid as well. This brush is so versatile and could be used for different things. This brush was Only $18. After trying out Sigma, I have to admit their brushes are pretty amazing for what its worth. I really do recommend this brush, I mean you can't go wrong with this. Best thing is, they do ship internationally!  

Forth: THE SIGMA DUE FIBER POWDER/BLUSH F15. This brush reminds me of the 131 Mac brush I also wanted to try this out to apply my liquid foundation but I used this to apply my blush instead. This brush did not shed and it fits the apple of my cheeks so perfectly. Application is good and picks up enough product. Its not as dense as I like but again it is just for my blush. This brush was $18 or $19 = ) 

 Comes with 7 Brushes 
Pencil E30 
Tapered Blending E40
Eye shading E55
Small Angle E65
Large Powder F30
Large Angled Contour F40
Foundation F60

I used Everyone of these brushes and I honestly love these brushes. This case is amazing for travel. It protects your brushes and its so cute. The one brush I am super inlove with is the Small angle E65. This applies my eye liner so perfect! I am so impressed with this set, I'm saving to get the larger 12 set! = ) These brushes are amazing! 

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  1. I love my Sigmax F80 too and all my Sigma brushes. I've heard a lot of good things about that elf brush but i have never tried it. might have to pick that up to see for myself. :))

    Followed you!


    1. YES you should def get it! well worth it. = ) I can't wait to get the full size sigma brush kit!!! soo excited for it!