Thursday, 7 June 2012

Thanks  mcmiki93 For the nomination. I don't know so much about being a Versatile blogger, Just because I'm very new to this and I hardly have time to blog now a days but I do try my best. I don't even have that many followers yet. LOL One lovely blog award sounds so much better. She's so sweet! thanks again girl. I am so bad I'm sorry, I only have two nominations! FORGIVE ME. buttt they are great blogs. I'm suppose to write 7 random facts. OKAY.........Here I go.. 

  1. I am a mother to a nine month old boy who is my WORLD
  2. I feel Naked without eyeliner 
  3. I always Loose my rings and it drives me nuts because I spend so much money on them.
  4. If I could up and Leave and move somewhere else I would say, SAN FRAN or MADRID. 
  5. I wake up Happy and In a good mood most of the time. I guess that means I'm a morning person. 
  6.  When I want something my mind doesn't stop on how I will get that certain something. I guess I'm determined
  7. I feel like I never have enough of SHOES. I always buy shoes and their my weakness. =) 
I nominate 

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thanks loves. xoxox

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  1. Aww your to sweet :) I feel naked without eyeliner too!!!