Monday, 6 August 2012

                    MY SEDONA LACE HAUL

Hello again everyone! I recently made a order with Sedona Lace and its about time because I wanted to make a order for a very long time but never got around to it. I also recently order from costal scents because I been wanting a Eyeshadow Palette from them and I made the order and I was very disappointed. I waited for so long and after contacting them, I found out they sent my order back because the address wasn't correct. I never had a problem before with my address and This never happens with my other orders. So basically I lost 10 dollars to shipping. I didn't want to re-order it again so I remember Sedona Lace and Just decided to get a Eye shadow Palette from them. I order the 88 warm Palette and the Vortex 12 Professional Makeup Brush kit without Belt. Their Shipping was super fast and I was able to Track my Order, which I couldn't even do with Costal scents. As soon As I got my Package I was so impressed. I'm thinking of ordering from them again in the near future.  The thing that I really liked about them is, how I get a email telling me when it shipped and the date its expected to arrive to me. I really like their company. Now, I did order this myself and paid it with my own mula. I think it is very worth it. I am excited to do a eye look of the day with the palette. STAY TUNE. =)

                           88 Warm Pallet
      Vortex Brush Kit    

                             Face Brushes 
                               Eye Brushes 
Thank you for reading and Please follow and comment if you have any questions. <3 Thank you



  1. Hi¡ I like your blog, I read and follow you. I hope you can visit my blog. A kiss¡¡¡

  2. That eyeshadow palette looks so good!


  3. Te he nominado en mi blog guapa!!!

  4. amazing colors! :) how much was the set?

    1. The Brush set was 79.95. That's with out the belt. =)

  5. The brushes look good and I love the palette! Btw, I awarded you with the Liebster award. Check out my blog.