Monday, 23 January 2012

Finding the RIGHT Foundation...
I have been on a HUNT to replace my DREAM MATTE MOUSSE by MAYBELLINE but It has been so hard,  finding the right color and brand.So I literally bought these products and tried them out and some I  returned and SOME I lost the receipt. SO I had no choice but to keep them. Sigh.  I just had the most difficult time because some of the foundations had no tester, so I was Guessing or taking suggestions for the people that worked in the pharmacy. ( SOME were no help ) Frustrating! I wanted to switch my foundation because first off, I been using this for years and I love love love this foundation. WHY? Med coverage but it didn't feel cakey on my face. Didn't break me out and I have a love for mousses apparently. I just loved how this felt on my face. I was using honey baige and that is hellla dark for me now. I just became lighter. I wanted to try liquid foundation and I just needed a change. So here are the foundations I have tried....

First one I tried was the Super stay by Maybelline and I grabbed the wrong color, even though I tried some on my hand, it appeared to dark on my face. The coverage was good, because it didn't have a pump I seemed to have applied to much on my face and I just felt so caked on. I would say this is Med to Full coverage and It did feel heavy, maybe just because I did use to much on my brush. It was blend-able and build able. I didn't break out. I did just use this for  two days but I kept this one for the summer because I'd like to give this another try and This is one of the products I lost the receipt for.  I will give this another chance. I didn't love it or hate it..just cause it was not my color it was so hard to really review this. = ( 

Second one I tried Or was suggested to try was the REVLON PHOTO READY AIRBRUSH MOUSSE. This is the lightest coverage ever. I mean what the heck is the point of wearing foundation. This ugh. The girl was raving about this product and how much she loved it, so I decided to try it out myself. It comes with a pump but Don't even try to control this because YOU CAN'T. It's messy in my opinion and it comes out so watery. I put it on and my gosh sparkles. wth! This gave me little red bumps after using this product. OKAY, let me try to talk about the positive side to this product. I put it on and She gave me Natural Beige btw I thought this was way light. ANOTHER FAIL! But when I put it on, it didn't cover much and it felt really light.. That part I liked. When I put this on I actually was surprised to have liked it on my face but THAT DIDN'T LAST. I went outside for maybe an hour and it just came off. I was oily mostly on my cheeks. This one Was just not for me.I suggest this for people who have nothing to hide and just want that shine for pictures or going out. This is perfect for you. I do not suggest this to people who like med to full coverage. 

After that I tried the Revlon color stay. This was really difficult because finding my color was just impossible. First off, I live in Canada and Relovn color stay doesn't have the same color selection that the u.s does. We have like 8 colors and NO TESTERS. So first store, I asked this lady and she suggested nude and It was sooooo effing light. She said, you can darken it with your powder. OKAY, I thought wthhhh, this girl does not know what shes talking about. Foundation should match your skin, you shouldn't have to go out of your way to make it your color. So I went to my local drug store and that lady was super helpful. She actually opened one and tried it on and it was true beige. Tried it the next day and AGAIN, to dark. The other thing I hated. I used very little product and this was just not blendable, It dried pretty fast. it was a mat finish. Up close you can see the makeup. Up close you can tell you were wearing foundation and the point is to make it seem like your not. The plus about this is I didn't get oily. That I love Loved about this product. I just hated how it looked on my skin. A lot of people love this foundation and This is just not for me. I don't need that much coverage on my face. I would say this is med to full coverage 

At this point I wanted to just go back to my orginal dream matt mousse and I did buy another one with a different shade. lighter. I also purchased the revlon photo ready in GOLDEN BEIGE, This I LOVEEEE so much. Not heavy, has a amazing pump and the color was right for me. I don't see the sparkles and You don't need much product to cover up. Also very bendable. I like this product a lot. This makes your face nice and airbrushed kind of look. I'll be trying this out more to see if I break out and how my face reacts to this, but so far so good. = ) 

I would definitely recommend this product. so far....=)


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