Monday, 16 January 2012


Purifying Foaming Gel 
For Oily Sensitive skin. 

I use to have really bad breakouts and I tried everything. One day I just went to my local drugstore and was recommend this product. This is the best face wash in my opinion. It helped me get rid of my pimples, after using it for 1 month I seen changes in my face. Redness went away and after 6 months total acne GONE! This retails for $22.00. I know it's a little pricey but this bottle last me 3 months. A little goes a long way. You don't need much to lather. = ) Its gentle on the skin and soap free. This product is made in Montreal, so other then Canada, I'm not sure where you can purchase it. If you do live in Canada and looking for a good face wash I recommended this product. ***** 5 stars. 

  La roche-posay 
Effaclar H 
Compensating Soothing Moisturizer 

With the face wash I used the same brand moisturizer. This was amazing on my skin.Also made for oily skin and it made my skin feel smooth and non greasy feeling. The only down side to this was it came in a 40 ml and it cost $30. This was just to expensive and this bottle lasted me not even a month. So I had to switch it up. If you can afford something like this, I recommend this Moisturizer but if you can't, like me, I switched to something more affordable and larger in quantity.  

Cetaphil Moisturizing Lotion
For normal to dry skin
Fragrance free 
For sensitive skin

I switched to this moisturizer and I love it just as much. Less expensive, I think this retails for about $10.00. This last for a long long time. AGAIN a little goes a long way!  Too much of this on will make your face more oily. So be careful applying to much on your face. This is soo gentle on the skin, no smell and moisturizes very well especially in the winter. This bottle comes in 250 ml and I'm not even half way.. -_- SO amazing I truly recommend this  **** 4 starts! = )

 Nivea Visage 
Gental Toner  
For Dry to sensitive skin. 

I love this toner because its so gentle on my skin and there's no alcohol in it. Toners with Alcohol irritated my skin and my skin just turned more red and my pimples seemed to get worse. I just recently purchased this and so far so good. This is both in My day time and Night time routine. It has natural almond oil and Caledonia extract. Doesn't dry out your skin, leaves it feeling moisturized. I give this **** stars. 

This sums up my DATTIME face routine. 
I wash my face, put on toner then moisturize. = ) simple and quick, then put on my makeup and start my day.

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