Monday, 16 January 2012

Night time FACE routine! *

I start with Removing my makeup with POND'S Cleaning and Makeup removing Towelettes..This removes my eye makeup and foundation without irritating my skin. Its soaked with Vitamin E, chamomile and green tea. It comes with 30 wet towelettes and I got this at Walmart for 5-6 dollars. 
After I take out all my make up I wash my face with my face wash 
 La roche-Posay 
 Wash my face and PAT DRY. 
 Don't rub because this irritates the skin and This helped me with my acne as well. 

                                          Then I apply MY NIVEA TONER and wipe my face to capture any other dirt
                                          and oil I May have missed
I Just recently turned 24 and I wanted to start using eye creme for my under eyes. ( I would love other suggestions ) I don't have any wrinkles but I'd like to prevent them, as I am half way to 30 and also like to keep my under eyes moisturized. 

After that I put on my serum and I just recently got this so no review. Again, Walmart and this was retailing at $24.00
Loreal PARIS youth Code serum. 
I will be back to do a review on this. 

Last I moisturize my face with
Olay Night Fortifying cream 
with aloe, vitamin E,b3 and pro vitamin b5. 
I have to say I seen a big change on how my skin felt in the morning after applying this. I woke up to smoother and moisturized skin! I give this 5 stars ***** This makes applying my makeup easier in the morning. It just glides on so perfect! There is a smell but its not bad at all. This retails for $15.00


That is my night routine.. xoxox 

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