Thursday, 15 March 2012

.My favorites.

Hello, So I decided to do a post on my favorites because I never really done anything like this before and I just wanted to share my new and old loves with you guys. I also thought I'd post something I was not to happy with as well. Hope you guys enjoy and I love hearing feedback from you guys. thanks hope you enjoy!!! 

 Revlon lip butters 
Berrie Smoothie, Red velvet and Strawberry Shortcake

What I love about it....
- I love their color selection 
-Packaging is so different and cute
- Pigmentation is amazing
- texture feels like actual butter on your lips 
- Don't need a gloss to put over it

What I don't really like about it...
- Doesn't stay on my lips for too long  
- not enough product

So little product....hate that. = ( 

 I cannot leave the house with out my CARMEX
What I love about it...
-Its strong but not to strong where it hurts your lips.
- it has lasting power
- It keeps your lips moisturized for a long time
- This is the only product that keeps my lips moisturized 
-You don't need a lot of product to distribute on your lips

I don't have any complaints, other then..I wish this came in a bigger package where it can last me a longer period time. :P

Super stay Foundation By maybelline

What I love about this foundation is..
-Its bendable
-It last for a long time 
-Coverage is med to full
-Its buildable
- most important : OIL FREE 

What I don't like...
-The packaging is terrible
- I sometimes get oily 

Other then that, I do like this foundation. I did a review on foundations and I went back to try this after finally finding the right color. = ) turns out I'm classic beige.


Justin B - Someday

I just like this smell surprising. Can't really describe scent. not to strong, vanilla mixed with flowery scent. 
I don't know.. but if you get a chance, try it. I like it. 

ELF BLUSH -Mellow Mauve 

What I like..
- Its a great blush only being 3 dollars 
- I love the color 
- Lasting power is good as well 
- Packaging/comes with a mini mirror

What I don't like..
-Its not as pigmented
- a bit of fall out, not to bad..
- Takes a couple of dabs with your brush to get color pay off

And that's about it..I Don't wear blush everyday, Not really a blush person...but I do like elf blushes. 

 Wet and Wilds Comfort Zone.

I use the left side more often. Never used the right side at all actually. Kind of intimidating

What I like ...
- Super pigmented 
- Amazingly cheap 
- comes with 8 colors 
- ton of product 
- easy to travel with 

What I don't like...
Only thing..
- Ton of fall out 
--that's all 

   NAKED TWO - Urban Decay 

What I like..
- Comes with 12 colors 
- Super pigmentation 
- I prefer the colors on this more then the first
- More mat colors 
- highlight colors 
-Packaging is more secure 

What I dislike is..
- The brush it comes with is so shitty 
- Not one good crease color 


 mac 224, 217 and 213

Best brushes and I'm glad I decided to get this. That is all..

Mac Faux ( satin ) 

What I love about it..
-the color 
-The texture 
-the packaging 
-the smell

What I don't like..
- wish it last a bit longer...then again its not a matte 

Clinique like mink duo and mocha pink 

This is so small and compact and use this almost everyday. Its simple and I love the matte lid color. This fits in my makeup bag and I can bring it when I'm traveling. SO useful. 

Clean and Clear dual action Moisturizer

I don't use this as a moisturizer. I simply just put this if I get a pimple. it works like a charm.  It contains salicylic acid. I love how this doesn't dry out my skin and it minimizes my pimples like no tomorrow.
Love this.
 La Roche-posay

I mentioned this in my skin care routine and I can't stress enough how much this face wash helped clear out my skin. I use to just use this day and night and it cleared my skin. Targeted for oily sensitive skin. Its SOAP FREE and Parben free. Love love this stuff. I can't leave my house, if I traveling without this. I made my boyfriend turn back around one time, when I forgot this at home. Now he always ask. " you got your face wash" hahaha 

That sums up my favs.= ) 

I wanted to dedicate and mention a dear family friend who passed away. 

Dear Lesean, You were only 17 and you were filled with laughter and LIFE. Every time you were at the house, You would be smiling and laughing and joking around. You always listened when we had something to say. Asked for advice when you didn't know what to do. You were a AMAZING KID! You were a good kid, would never hurt anyone. I still can't believe this had to happen to you, I ask myself WHY YOU! Just know I am so Thankful to have met you and have you around me and my family. You are not only My sons godfather bestfriend you were FAMILY! We will never stop missing you, and we will NEVER forget you. 
Rest in peace in Paradise. * see you one day. = )  

* xoxox

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